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        If you wish to spice things up at your wedding, then this article is for you. It will make your big day undeniably memorable. Check out the latest modern Indian wedding trends that 2020 brings exclusively for you. Sit tight because your checklist may need some of these alluring upgrades.


        New Year, New Vibe, New EVERYTHING! New Indian Wedding Trends!


        Quirky Invitations

        Personalize the invitation like no one. Stir in some giggles and try animated avatars of yourself imprinted on the wedding card. The flip side to the traditional Indian wedding has its perks. Here are a few designs you may like.


        Personalize invitation trend
        Personalize invitation

        Image Source via Pinterest


        A Theme Wedding Décor 

        A conceptual décor binds together a majority of the wedding setup with its decorative elements. Decor can be as imaginative as you can be. Mystic, Fairytale, Minimal, Maximal, Color-based, Floral, Bollywood, and the list goes on. You can find great inspirations here.


        Indian wedding trends

        Image Source via Pinterest


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        Instagram Wedding Hashtags

        Tighten the knot with an eccentric hashtag of your wedding. Social media is a shared space for us all, and that is precisely why you should not exert yourself with selfies. Instead, let the guests tag you on Instagram. Be creative or hilarious; it will be worth it- Wedding hashtag ideas.


        Instagram Wedding Hashtags trend

        Image Source via Pinterest 


        Conceptual Pre Wedding Shoot

        Capture the romance that lasts forever in a gallery. Take a trip around the world or monumental structures for as you wish because the pre-wedding shoot culture is at spree. There is nothing that a photographer cannot do. Make everything count.


        Conceptual Pre Wedding Shoot

        Image Source: Megamorette photography


        Designer Wedding Cakes

        Designer wedding cake bakers are portraying an ample amount of talent, creating unique and humongous wedding cakes. You can have a classic wedding cake, or you can also choose to personalize it. You would drool all over them. They are aesthetically appealing and soul touching.


        Designer Cakes
        Delicious cakes

        Image Source: Pinterest


        Bride & Groom Twin Moment

        Indulge at the moment that captures you and your loved one in a single colour palette. Exquisite wedding couturiers are working on their lines to cater to you. Couple it is indeed time to shop together. Aw How Dreamy!


        Bride and groom

        Image Source: Pinterest


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        Grand Entrance

        Bride or Groom, both of them wish to catch the eye of their audience. Therefore, the entrance demands to be grand. Play a snappy soundtrack for grand entry, wear sunglasses, bring slogans. You can be as creative and visionary as you like.


        Beautiful Entrance

        Image Source: huffingpost


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        Wedding Flash Mob

        A flash mob right before the bride enters? Yes, please! Stand with your guests and groove spontaneously. It keeps the mood of the wedding alive and the entire crowd very much engaged. So put your dancing shoes on and start practising with your mob.


        Indian wedding trends

        Image Source :darkphotoblog



        Ladies’ Night Out Bachelorette

        A Boozy-Schmoozy Liquor Oozy night for team bride to sink into guilty pleasures before D-day. Not only you will be cherishing past events but also creating one last memory before walking into the next chapter of life.


        Bachelorette party

        Image Source: greenweddingshoes


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        Bridal Shower in Indian Weddings

        Step into 2020 with a futuristic approach to events such as a bridal shower. Call your tribe and grab martinis to shake along. Every ceremony counts as it is once in a lifetime. Go Balls or Go Home! Set the right foot by hosting an insane bridal shower with this theme list.


        Bridal Shower
        Best Bridal Shower

        Image Source: Pinterest ,itgirlweddings


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        Banquet French Service

        Chasing the vacant tables can cause awkward moments. Therefore, introducing the ‘Banquet French Servicethat not only allows an effortless dining experience but also combines elegance in the wedding vibe. Guests are seated on round or stretched out tables dramatically, and each course gets served on the table itself. Can you deny a butler service?


        Banquet French Service

        Image Source :Pinterest,gettyimages


        Mixologists at the Bar Station

        Craft Cocktails and Mocktails stand out with lip-smacking and tongue ticking flavours. Try to book one of the best Mixologists that you find who can leave everyone’s taste buds well satisfied with the alcohol smashing in. Nowadays you will find many creative bar station ideas that can add more life to your wedding decor.


        Mixologists at the Bar Station
        Bar Station


        Bar Station

        Image Source : halfbakedharvest,Pinterest


        Minimal Wedding Ceremonies

        Pocket-friendly and Minimal, a small-scale wedding is ideal for those who wish to cut their guest list short and privately spend their big day with close relatives/friends. A destination wedding is one of them. You may choose to luxe it out entirely with a small crowd.


        Wedding Ceremonies

        Image Source: Pinterest


        Customized Wedding Gift Hampers

        Gifts and goodies are delightful when wrapped in love. However, modernizing cultural influences have gradually shifted the focus to artisanal packaging.


        Confectioners to dessert artists, the involvement of each of them make the hamper graceful with their exceptional product.


        Customized Hampers

        Image Source: Pinterest


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        Vegan Buffet – Latest Indian Wedding Trends

        Culinary Arts have so much to offer from cuisines to fusing several delicacies. Menus are now engaged in the vegan culture with a variety of dishes that eliminates gluten, nuts, lactose, meat, and allergic ingredients. It is generous to offer your guests just the type of food they enjoy since food allergies are more highlighted nowadays. This is becoming one of the most popular wedding trends in Indian weddings.


        Vegan Buffet Trend

        Image Source:  gallivantevents


        Use one or use all; these trending ideas will help you plan a memorable wedding in 2020. How many of them will you be picking?

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