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        Mathapattis & Maang-tikas are the accessories that every Asian/Indian bride has to get right. It is one of those accessories you just can’t afford to ignore at your wedding day. And if you’re a modern bride like most of Magica brides are, today we’re sharing 15 of our favourite Mathapatti and Maang-tika ideas so that you look drop dead gorgeous at your wedding day!

        The Classic One-Sided


          Pearl Mathapatti

        The one with lots of details

        Combined with flowers at the back

        Perfectly layered

        The prominent one

        The Mathapatti with an inverted look

        And for the brides who just want to keep it simple!

        The totally unique one!

        Which one would you be wearing at your wedding? Do let us know


        All images are the copyright of their respective owners. Sources via Pinterest.