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        Floral jewellery designs have evolved over time from simple marigold and rose petals, to more intricate and exclusive pieces crafted carefully from exquisite flowers. Floral Jewellery makes a woman feel special and unique, that  is why so many brides these days go for the fresh, fragrant flowers to adorn themselves on their special day.

        Indian weddings have an old age tradition of using flowers for wedding decoration and for various ceremonies like blessing the couple. But these days, the usage of flowers is beyond this.

        No bride’s mehendi and haldi look is complete without floral jewellery. Vibrant, colourful and dainty flowers put together perfectly, makes any bridal outfit complete. Whether it is earrings, maang tikka or floral haathphools, there are many ways to incorporate floral jewellry in your look. Seeing the craze for floral jewellery, their creators and designers are leaving nothing to imagination to mesmerize us with some of their most beautiful floral jewellery designs.

        So brides, whether it is from sun dried flowers to fresh fragrant ones, these floral jewellery designs

        Check out the most stunning, unique and trending floral jewellery designs

        Floral Jewellery are a bundle of joy, radiating charm and freshness to any bridal look. If you plan to go traditional or minimalistic there is a floral jewellery for every bride. From fragrant roses to traditional marigold when put together give any bride a beautiful and fresh look. So, if you are looking at how you can pair floral jewellery with your wedding look, look no more. Here are some of our favourite looks of floral jewellery: 

        These stunning floral earrings with such detailing, are absolutely gorgeous. Such delicate flowers dangling from your ears gives a playful and colourful vibe to your wedding look.

        floral jewellery for brides

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        couple portrait

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        floral jewellery for mehendi

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        floral earings ,floral maangtikka

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        Exquisite floral maang tikkas for Mehendi and Haldi ceremony give a traditional vibe and  match your outfit perfectly.

        haldi function,Floral Jewellery

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        floral maangteeka,mehendi jewellery ideas

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        jewellery ideas for mehendi

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        floral jewellery ideas

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        Looking to go minimal? Accessorize your hair with these perfect and unique fragrant tiaras.

        Floral tiara, floray jewellery ideas

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        mother of the bride,Floral Jewelleryfloral kalire

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        floral tiara, floral jewellery,couple mehendi portrait

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        Ditch those traditional bangles and bracelets to adorn your hands with beautiful haath phools! These floral jewellery designs are sure to inspire you!

        foral jewellery ideas for mehendi

        Image Source: capturingemotionsproduction

        Haath Phool,floral haathphool

        Image Source: red_veds

        Floral Hand Harness For Mehendi

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        floral jewelleey for mehendi

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        hathphool,maang teeka

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        hathphool,mehendi jewellery

        Image Source: dipak_studios

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        Simple, dainty, traditional and in abundance these floral jewellery designs are everything. Floral jewellery simply adds oodles of charm to your look. You can colour co-ordinate, contrast, or simply go OTT.

        Here are the Top 12 Stores To Buy Prettiest Floral Jewellery in Delhi.



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