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        Tony & Amy Hoffer from Hoffer Photography are two names that probably every photographer has heard of. Their work is one of the best in the world, speaks for itself. And that’s why their workshops get filled in minutes! I thought of attending their workshop last year as well but for whatever reasons, that didn’t work out. However the year 2014 came with a stroke of luck!

        This month, I packed my bags and traveled 25,000 kilometers over 48+ hours just to attend Hoffshop. To say it was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life (maybe even greater than the Bungee Jumping) would be an understatement. The 3 day workshop left me and everyone else who attended totally exhausted with knowledge and gave us a very different way of thinking.

        The experience of finally meeting the folks you have always been inspired by, can’t be put in words. Since I had a 22+ hour flight from India to the United States, I came a day before just to make sure my body clocks were working fine and I wasn’t jet-lagged.

        The first person I met was Amy who was standing outside with a board saying “I am Amy from Hoffer Photography”. As if she needs an introduction 🙂 I found her to be the sweetest person in the world to talk to and she guided me upstairs where it was the man himself, Tony Hoffer! I was meeting the 6’6″ tall man who is one of the world’s best photographers. This was unreal.

        After the other attendees came, we were given our assignment folders and told that the next few days weren’t going to be easy. I now look back and say, how true that was! Here are some images from what we did next morning.

        As the evening approached, the weather went crazy with storm and rain. You would think that would’ve stopped us from doing what we were assigned to. Nah!

        That’s how Tony Hoffer poses for a pic 😉

        Next day had the most interesting challenge called the “Crap Shoot”. Basically, we were given the most crappiest locations around and we had to make the best photographs possible out of that. Pretty fun and challenging. However, we had our wonder-woman Laura with us!

        And that was just a glimpse of the Hoffshop 2014. I am very fortunate that it all worked out and I was able to learn so much from world’s best folks with equally amazing fellow attendees at this workshop. Each one of us left with much better vision and thinking process and I’m looking forward to blend that magic in my future work.

        Tony & Amy, thank you so much for putting this much time & efforts into making this workshop. Everything said and done, it’s kind of cool to personally know the world’s most amazing photographers 😀

        Thanks Dhaval & MedhaviMelissa ReedJason & HeatherKurt MillerTessa MarieYelitza Salazar Chris for being a part of the workshop. I learned a lot from each one of you as much as I learned from Tony & Amy!

        Below are some of the shots of Memphis, Tennessee I took from my iPhone. There can’t be any perfect sky and sunshine than this!



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