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        My memory of Anushka has always been a cheerful girl who’s always seen with a contagious smile and knew how to make others happy around her. Having known her from quite sometime, I was pretty much sure what personality I’d need to put in her photographs. Nikhil on the other hand was just a concept, of whom I had only heard on phone from Anushka. But when I met him during the early morning shoot for which I literally pulled Anushka out of her house, I knew this was going to be fun. Here are some of my favourites from our chase of light.

        Being an IIT-Delhi alumni, how could Nikhil have missed giving Anushka a tour of the campus? With me around, we took it one step further. To give the nostalgia a touch of reality, we managed to convinced the guards of Nikhil’s ex-hostel and sneaked Anushka right in to get this frame-worthy shot. The IITian, his most fond memories and his love, all in one frame!

        Anushka, being Anushka 😛

        Anushka, still being Anushka 😀





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