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        The chilly winters of Delhi with hints of morning rains bringing the mercury down even further is not really the best reason to crawl out from your blanket and go shoot in an outside location. But when it is about documenting love, who needs a reason anyway? Apoorv & Gauri met me a couple of weeks back and we explored the possibility of making some cool photographs in an insanely cold (read: freezing) weather set up. After some days of postponing it, we were luckily able to get hold of the sun. And we shot away to glory! Here are some of my favourites from that shoot:

        We were able to find this interesting location while roaming around. Had to make the best use of it!

        And so I did 😀


        I asked them about their proposal and contrary to having it well planned around a cozy restaurant under candle lights, that actually happened at an altitude of 13,000 feet at the Rohtang Pass


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