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        Bridal Jewellery essential – The Quintessential Choker!

        Bridal Jewellery


        Picture Courtesy: Delhi Velvet

        A choker adds elegance to any outfit with which it is coupled. From high-collared blouses to ones with deeper cuts – a choker is a piece of jewellery that you can pull off with numerous necklines. Wear a single neckpiece, or couple a smaller choker around your neck along with slightly bigger haar to create a regal look.

        Bridal Jewellery

        Sooo Pwetty

        Picture Courtesy: Divine Mantra

        We love how this bride has fused a rustic silver choker with her pastel ensemble, creating a vibe that is chic as well as elegant. You can go for smaller chokers like these with more traditional necklines.

        Bridal Jewellery

        Glory in Green

        Picture Courtesy: Sabyasachi Mukherjee

        When you choose to wear a high-collared blouse, the choice of necklace becomes slightly restricted. But, is the queen ever wrong? Even though we adore all of Deepika’s wedding looks, this green beauty among her bridal jewellery is one of our favorites and we love how she aces the look with a stunning wide band choker!

        Bridal Jewellery


        Picture Courtesy: The Knotty Tales

        Opting for a trendy blouse? Look how a hatke bib style choker is a clear winner!

        The Panchlada or Satlada Haar

        Bridal Jewellery


        Picture Courtesy: Fotowalle The Story Folks

        Whether you want to add detail to an already set ensemble or jazz up a simple silk blouse – a multilayered haar type necklace is a perfect choice. Named so because of the number of strings – five or seven, a Panchlada or Satlada haar adds tonnes of grace to your look. With layered necklaces, remember that less is more. Going for a seven-layered piece? Keep your blouse on the simpler side to let the haar shine through.

        Bridal Jewellery

        Pearl Beauty

        Picture Courtesy: Camera Waale Baraati

        Wearing a south-silk sari for your wedding day? You’ll love how this bride has paired a pretty pearl Satlada necklace with her silk sari for a timeless finish.

        Bridal Jewellery

        Have a Dekko

        Picture Courtesy: Aadityaroni

        Bright colors or pastels, no matter what your style – your pearly satlada necklace goes perfectly with almost every color on the palette.

        Kundan All the Way

        Bridal Jewellery

        Kundan Louvee

        Picture Courtesy: Shutterdown Photography

        Generally made by setting uncut or semi-polished diamonds onto a gold base, Kundan jewellery is often the most popular bridal jewellery among Indian brides.

        Bridal Jewellery


        Picture Courtesy: Morvi Images

        Wearing a lehenga with heavy detailing? Pair it with an abstract kundan necklace like this bride right here.

        Bridal Jewellery

        Double Beauty

        Picture Courtesy: Hitched and Clicked

        When wearing heavy kundan necklaces like this bride, opt for plunging necklines or V or paan shaped necklines for the best effects.

        Nothing as timeless as Meenakari jewelry

        Bridal Jewellery

        Pretty in Pastels

        Picture Courtesy: Hitched and Clicked

        When it comes to jewelry, no Cartier or Tiffany’s can beat the art and skill of traditional Indian jewellers and Meenakari jewelry is one such craft. Associated with the royal ladies of Rajasthan, a meenakari set is one that every bride must have! Move over traditional colours, you can even match your neon lehenga with pastel meenakari jewellery to create a perfectly classy look.

        Bridal Jewellery

        Simply Stunning

        Picture Courtesy: Mak Images

        Going the floral-pastel way? A perky coloured Meenakari necklace is just what you need to get those compliments pouring in.

        The Maharani Haar

        Bridal Jewellery

        Royalty at its Best

        Picture Courtesy: Art Foto Studios

        True to its name, the Maharani Haar has only one job – to make you feel like an empress. If your budget allows, it’s the obvious choice for your wedding day. Drooping a little low beyond your neckline, it is often set with kundan and colored stones like emeralds and lots of pearls. You can pair it with a smaller piece worn close to the neck to complete the maharani look.

        Bridal Jewellery


        Picture Courtesy: Rohan Shrestha

        If you can invest in a maharani haar, you need not necessarily be an Ambani to shine on your wedding day 😉

        Bridal Jewellery


        Picture Courtesy: Dipak Studios Wedding Photography

        Whether you choose an elaborate piece or go for smaller ones – you can’t go wrong with this style.

        The Navratan Haar

        Bridal Jewellery

        Colour Crazy

        Picture Courtesy: Twogether Studios

        Nav-ratan – means nine stones, and the Navratan Haar made of different multi-colored stones is always a good investment as it matches outfits of any colour!

        Bridal Jewellery

        All Colors Together

        Picture Courtesy: Sabyasachi Mukherjee

        Let your Navratan haar be the show stopper of the night. Although it matches with any base color, our personal favorites are pastel shades like pink, fuchsia or basic ones like white, gold or nude.

        Bridal Jewellery

        Beautifully Studded

        Picture Courtesy: Ridhi Mehra Official

        The best part? Navratan haars complement western outfits equally well. From lacy evening gowns in shades of fawn to daytime destination wedding wear – you can depend on these to bring out your best.

        Delicate Diamonds

        Bridal Jewellery

        Dainty Diamonds

        Picture Courtesy: Mrinal Khatnani Photos and Films

        Those diamonds might look delicate, but they are the hardest substance on earth. A lot like us girls 😉 And that, ladies, is reason 101 for why you should invest in a diamond necklace at your wedding. The other hundred reasons? Look inside your heart! To keep it simple, do nothing more than two strings of diamonds around your neck, and you’re good to go. If you’ve chosen kundan or gold for your wedding day, keep diamonds for functions like cocktail or reception.

        Bridal Jewellery

        Bling Bling

        Picture Courtesy: Ritika Hairstylist

        Note how this bride has chosen to keep her neckline simple to draw all the attention to that fabulous diamond neckpiece.

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        Bridal Jewellery


        Picture Courtesy: Black Magic Creations

        Love traditional South-Indian jewellery? Then a Guttapusalu necklace is one that you must add to your collection. A South-Indian variant of the Maharani Haar, the Guttapusalu necklace has been a favorite among south Indian brides since time immemorial.

        Bridal Jewellery


        Picture Courtesy: Icon Images Photo

        Made in gold with or without a touch of pearl, Guttapusalu necklaces are a total hit when paired with traditional silk or Kanjeevaram sarees. From Hema Malini to Shilpa Shetty, they’ve all flaunted this style with absolute grace.

        The Bib style necklace!

        Bridal Jewellery

        Hitch Up in Style

        Picture Courtesy: Divine Mantra

        A “Bib” style necklace – named so because its structure resembles that of a baby’s bib, is one that is generally straight along the neck and ends in an inverted triangle formation towards the bottom. A bib style necklace is an excellent way to fill up your neck when you’re wearing a deep cut neckline – whether it’s a blouse or an off-shoulder gown.

        Bridal Jewellery


        Picture Courtesy: Reds Veds

        Bib style necklaces are also highly versatile. See how this bride has paired it with a bigger haar to create her own style.

        Bridal Jewellery

        Super Elegant

        Picture Courtesy: Richa Photos


        Bridal Jewellery

        Prettiness Personified

        Picture Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

        Big, bold and beautiful – Polki jewelry is as timeless as it gets! We suggest investing in a piece that you can wear not just with a lehenga or a sari – but even with an evening gown, and you’ll thank us later 🙂 For brides wearing deeper and more daring necklines, we recommend Polki necklaces in parts of two – a smaller choker around the neck, and a second, longer layer to add oomph.

        Bridal Jewellery

        Traditional yet Trendy

        Picture Courtesy: Nizanta Jewelry

        At the end of the day, what matters the most is that YOU love the jewellery that you are wearing. So ladies, take your time, browse browse and browse more, till you find the neck piece that makes you want to say “I Do”!

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