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        No wedding celebration is complete without a dance floor. Be it the sangeet ceremony or the mehendi, it is the place for you to show off your rehearsed dance moves or simply enjoy the moment with those peppy Bollywood tunes. 

        It is really crucial while planning your wedding to come up with impressive dance floor ideas because it is the place where you and your guests will be having the most fun. Whether it is your wedding reception, cocktail night or mehendi, each of these functions require a different and unique wedding dance floor, as the ceremonies themselves. 

        So, whether it is monograms, checkerboard, wooden or colourful pattern, the list is unlimited to take inspiration from. To cherish those special moments, make the floor beneath your happy feet just has vibrant and colourful. 

        Here are some of the popular wedding dance floors to tap those happy feet on!

        Colourful, vibrant with some amazing patterns, these dance floors are a visual delight for you and your loved ones to dance on. 

        wedding dance floorImage Source: Romesh Dhamia Productions

        dance floorImage Source: The Wedding Co

        wedding dance floorImage Source: Photo Walle

        dance floorImage Source: Dream Diaries 

        dance floorImage Source: Through The Barrel

        dance floor

        Image Source: Luxmi Digital Studio

        dance floorImage Source: Knotty Days

        dance floor

        Image Source: Recall Pictures

        Carpe Diem! With such memorable prints on the dance floor, your wedding photographer or videographer will have abundant moments to capture you and your guests in candid shots.

        wedding dance floorImage Source: Through The Barrel

        dance floorImage Source: Once Upon A Time – Wedding Tales

        wedding dance floorImage Source: Allied 

        wedding dance floor

        Image Source: Knotty Days

        wedding dance floorImage Source: Mausam Pictures 

        A lot of couples are customising their dance floor with their initials, messages or simply making it memorable with their wedding date on it. You can also add your wedding hashtag on the floorwedding dance floorImage Source: Hitched and Clicked

        dance floor

        Image Source: Events By Nadia

        wedding dance floorImage Source: Dance Floor Decor

        dance floor

        Image Source: Dance Floor Decor

        wedding dance floorImage Source: Dance Floor Decor

        Wooden dance floors look quite elegant and classy with minimal decoration on them. Beautiful wooden pattern with the initials of the bride and groom or simply some small message on them looks elegant and classy.

        wedding dance floor

        Image Source: Dance Floor Decor

        dance floorImage Source: Dance Floor Decor

        Share these dance floor ideas with your wedding decorator to come up with a unique and creative dance floor for you. So, if you are going with vibrant colours, or customised initials, at the end of the day what you love the most matters because it adds to your special day. Wedding Dance floors are the places where you will have the most fun on your wedding and where most candid memories will be made with your loved ones.