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        Hip Hop is an amazing dance form. With popping and locking, it has quite a punch up in it’s sleeves. Though not a very popular dance form in India, but still it has got a cult status in the world of dancing

        And wile I was at Infosys, I met this incredible guy from Mumbai. An awesome hip-hop dancer and an amazing person.

        So ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Chinmay. And all the photographs you see here are of him.

        And probably he’s a head-stand expert. He can head stand almost anywhere. What he needs is just a base where he could rest his head 😛

        Surrendered to Nature

        And that was Hip-Hop dance form at it’s best. I really enjoyed shooting this dance art form. And being an artist, I know that it takes a life-time to get such perfection. Kudos to all the dancers and artists who are reading this. And someday, I’d love to shoot other dance forms as well. Do drop in your comments below 🙂



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