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        Dear Brides & Grooms

        We know how hard it has been. We know how our wonderful brides had to let go of their dream dates. We also know a lot of them shed a tear or two. And believe me, it has hurt us equally. Nobody thought in his wildest dreams that something like this could have happened out of nowhere.

        But after every crisis, there’s a definite bloom. And we all can use this time to plan our things that got cancelled or postponed, to happen in a much, much better way. Things are not going to be the same ever after the lockdown restrictions are going to get lifted. But that can’t stop you from getting married right? Here are our top-tips to get that done right!

        Family & Friends

        They are & they will be always with you. While your guest count might not surpass hundreds or thousands for quite some time, those close 50 people that are really close to you? Those are going to be your bridesmaids, groomsmen, baaratis & everything else you can think of!


        According to wedding surveys, the winter of 2020 is going to be jam packed with weddings. And so will be the venues. The availabilities are going to be scare & the price are going to skyrocket (simple demand & supply effect). Make sure you’re using this time to make alternate tentative arrangements. Talk to us, if you want to


        We don’t see shopping happening for quite sometime and even if the lockdown opens, their will be severe restrictions on how many people can be on the shopping spree. We do not know a single bride who can or would be willing to go shopping alone for her wedding. In this scenario, do online as much as you can.

        You can contact us for a free consultation regarding it

        Wedding Photography

        With a lot of vendors having a lot of weddings cancelled, everyone is struggling. It’s highly likely you also had to cancel your wedding photographer’s booking. When the lockdown opens, the floodgates also will. When all of the brides are going to rush getting married in the winter season, again the same demand & supply economics will kick in & your favourite photographers might not be available or their prices would’ve increased a lot (so that they could sustain themselves)

        Solution? Keep in touch with them & if possible, do not cancel, but postpone your booking. Having a booking will guarantee their availability, whenever it happens and you can always cancel it anytime in future as well.

        Photo Shoot via Facetime!

        You heard it right! We are having this innovate product where we’re doing remote photo shoots on FaceTime / Video call in the comfort of your home! Take a look here: https://www.rishabhagarwal.com/gallery/face-time-photo-shoots-photography/


        That’s it from our side today. I’m sure we’ll meet very soon where you will be smiling, laughing, twirling & having the best times of your life in front of our cameras again 🙂

        Get in touch

        Your relationship with your photographer should be special and one of open communication and ideas. Tell me all about your wedding hopes & dreams.

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