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        Cracking the perfect beach wedding look isn’t as easy as it may seem. While shopping for destination weddings is in itself quite stressful, choosing that perfect outfit for the sun, sand and sea is even harder!

        Let’s be honest, you can’t just slip into any lehenga wearing your favourite high heels with matching clutch and walk to the beach dressed like that. Not only you would be overdressed, but you would ruin your clothes and stiletto heels, too. (P.S. we are sure you don’t want to fall terribly walking on the beach wearing those heels which would keep sinking in the sand!)

        And, if you think it’s just about getting the beach wedding attire right, you are completely mistaken. Your perfect beach wedding look depends on a lot many factors than just an outfit and not picking high heels. Not sure what we are talking about? Fret not!

        Here’s a complete guide for brides and bridesmaids to rock their beach wedding look just right!

        Know The Weather Correctly!

        You obviously know the wedding dates so googling the weather for those days is the most important primary step you need to consider. Beaches are generally warmer and humid during the day and as the sun sets, the pleasant and cool breeze hits the seashore. Make sure you come prepared accordingly.

        Picking The Right Fabric Is the Most Critical to Ace the Beach Wedding Look 

        Go for light fabrics like chiffon, linen, organza and cotton, since these types of fabrics won’t stick to your skin and will help you stay cool in the sun!

        Yes, Knowing The Right Colours Does Matter!

        With crystal blue water and your feet in the sand, your outfit should be easy breezy and not OTT.  While lighter colours and fabrics will keep you cool, darker shades and absorbent fabrics may better hide sweat. Colours like aquamarine blue, turquoise, fuchsia, green, yellow and pink are an ideal pick for a beach wedding. You can also opt for patterns like polka dots, stripes, and bold floral prints for those perfect beach vibes.

        beach wedding look

        Check out these Light Coloured Lehengas Which Will Want You Ditch Reds And Pinks.

        Beach Wedding Outfit Ideas For Brides And Bridesmaids

        While a bride-to-be can opt for a simple gown or a lehenga, bridesmaids can pull off a stunning beach wedding look by wearing Indo westerns outfits or knee-length dresses.

        beach wedding look for bridesmaids

        Why Your Makeup Can Make Or Break Your Beach Wedding Look?!

        Avoid smoky and heavy makeup while deciding your beach wedding look. Keeping your makeup intact in the heat is generally hard because increased sweating means your eye makeup and foundation might smudge or run. For picture-perfect makeup for hours, don’t forget applying a makeup setting spray or powder. P.S. don’t forget the waterproof mascara!

        Stay On Point With Your Hair Game!

        Let’s be honest that there’s nothing worse than your hair getting on your face, sticking to your lipstick, and making you look untidy on a breezy beach. So, if you have long hair, consider pinning them back with a pretty clip or bobby pins. For maximum and cool comfort, go for hair buns to keep your hair off your neck and in place.

        beach wedding look for bridesmaids

        Try Skipping The Veils!

        With the presence of the sea breeze, your bridal veil can go flying. And, we are sure that you would not want to spend your entire time readjusting your veil with every new windy round that comes your way. While we love how veils always oomph up the bridal quotient, comfort and functionality are more important to kick off a beach wedding look perfectly. 

        Ditch High Heels

        The idea of wearing shoes in the sand might seem a little pointless, but opting for shoes for your wedding day might actually be more important than you realize. Wearing stiletto heels is not a good idea since it will be a bit difficult to walk in them. Instead, go for gladiator sandals or ballet flats and juttis, which are sure to be both comfortable and stylish. 

        Check Out These Comfortable Bridal Shoe Options Which Are Not High Heels.

        Accessories To Your Rescue!

        Carry a statement stole, scarf or pashmina, because beaches can get little chilly post sunsets. Also, don’t forget to keep your sunglasses handy because you will definitely gonna need them!



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