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        Wedding invitations are the first glimpse of your wedding celebration and you surely don’t want them to be boring and monotonous. Indian weddings are evolving at a fast pace with technology and quirk.  So why to leave the wedding invitations behind. Try ditching the cliche floral cards with red and golden hues and give your guests something that they always remember.

        Wedding invites should always give a hint of how exciting your wedding is going to be and that if your guests miss it, then it’s their loss! We know that while you are bombarded with so many options you just can’t decide the right one. Hence, we have listed these amazing wedding invitation ideas that are not to be missed for the upcoming wedding season.

        Scroll Through These Latest Wedding Invitation Ideas & Bookmark The Best For Your Wedding –

        1. Printed Wedding Cards

        Printed wedding cards have raised the bar too high with their unique techniques and styles!

        A) How innovative is this cross – stitch themed sewing box wedding invite? 

        wedding invitations

         wedding invite

        Image Source: Pink Whistle Man

        B) We spotted this very unique puzzle invite, and we are already dreaming of their wedding.

        puzzle wedding invitation

        puzzle wedding invite

        Image Source: Flying Elephant Designs

        C) How about this pretty and simple European scrolls invite that takes you way back in time?

        scroll invite

        Image Source: White Mirage Invites

        D) These out of the box photograph reel invites are something new and that has never been seen before.

        quirky wedding invitation

        Image Source: Kaagaz

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        2. Electronic/ Digital Wedding Invitations is Taking the World by Storm

        For couples who want to take the paperless route. Also, they are hassle-free and affordable too!

        A) A flipbook latest wedding invite that tells your love story too! Isn’t it lovely and creative?

        Video Source: Radhika Pitti Studio

        B) We are loving this save the date e-invite which also gives you a gist of the couple’s love story.

        Video Source: Studio Works Co.

        C) Animated wedding invites are a modern yet personalized way of telling your own story to your wedding guests.

        Video Source: The Murphy Studio

        D) The simplicity of this invite has taken us over and we are loving the fact that it keeps the viewer engaged till the end.

        Video Source: Happy Inviting

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        Taj Mahal – Pre Wedding Engagement Shoot


        Rima & Dipesh – Pre Wedding


        Valishti & Lomas – New Delhi Pre Wedding


        Archit & Rashi – The Wedding


        Archit & Rashi – The Engagement


        Divas & Sukhleen – The Wedding


        Divas & Sukhleen – The Engagement


        Puneet & Rahul – The Wedding