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        Meaning and significance of saat phere


        Indian tradition accommodates rituals that bind two love birds together as one when they wheel the Mandap seven times.


        ‘7 Indian Wedding Vows’ also known as ‘Saat Phere’ are sacred promises made in the presence of deities. A Hindu marriage successfully gets validated when the seven holy vows are concluded. The very well-respected cultural ideology of all promises resolute in sharing and cherishing all aspects of life together for eternity. The ceremony gets executed when the bride and groom agree to all the vows.


        However, couples nowadays quirk them up with personalized additions. In this blog, you will be introduced to the simplified version of all the 7 vows, followed by their modern interpretations and oh, these modern versions are my favourite so far!


        Sit tight and ready yourself for some giggles. Want to know more? Read through.


        Significance of Saat Phere in Indian Weddings: All You Would Want to Know


        1) Let us vow for the Nourishment of each other

        तीर्थव्रतोद्यापन यज्ञकर्म मया सहैव प्रियवयं कुर्या:।

        वामांगमायामि तदा त्वदीयं ब्रवीति वाक्यं प्रथमं कुमारी।।


        Meaning of First Phera

        The couple shall nourish each other and bring food to the table unitedly. The bride shall take care of the household and share all responsibilities with the groom, together.


        Modern Interpretation

        I promise to keep you physically, emotionally and mentally nourished. Although, it will be difficult to resist the last slice of the pizza at times


        forever couple wedding inspiration

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        2) Let us vow to be determined for Spiritual, Mental, and Physical growth of one another

        पुज्यौ यथा स्वौ पितरौ ममापि तथेशभक्तो निजकर्म कुर्या:।

        वामांगमायामि तदा त्वदीयं ब्रवीति कन्या वचनं द्वितीयम ।।



        The couple shall grow each other spiritually, mentally and physically in order to sustain a balanced lifestyle to fruit their marriage. The bride invites the groom to share sacred familial values.


        Modern Interpretation

        I promise to hold your hand tight, wake up next to you, adjust in your blanket, grow old with you and buy you toothpaste even if we lose our teeth by ’90s. Most of all, I promise to love you till the end and protect you at all times.


        wedding diaries an Indian Wedding

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        3) Let us vow to preserve wealth & prosperity

        जीवनम अवस्थात्रये मम पालनां कुर्या:।

        वामांगंयामि तदा त्वदीयं ब्रवीति कन्या वचनं तृ्तीयं।।


        Meaning of Third Phera

        The couple prays to the god for finance and security, to stay close in times of need and responsibly maintain the wealth and prosperity of the family.


        Modern Interpretation

        I promise to travel the world with you and begin shopping spree as long as we set a limit to our ATM cards, simultaneously, always make sure we achieve our goals to be collectively well established.


        Saat phere indian tradition

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        4) Let us vow to share joy and sorrow together and serve harmony

        कुटुम्बसंपालनसर्वकार्य कर्तु प्रतिज्ञां यदि कातं कुर्या:।

        वामांगमायामि तदा त्वदीयं ब्रवीति कन्या वचनं चतुर्थं।।



        The couple shall emotionally shield each other at times of joy, sorrow, sickness or celebration, staying put in every situation to conquer, and develop harmony.


        Modern Interpretation

        I promise to cry with you while watching romantic movies. When situations are against us, we will laugh it out and defeat them together.


        emotional wedding scene

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        5) Let us vow to bear and care for the health of our children

        स्वसद्यकार्ये व्यवहारकर्मण्ये व्यये मामापि मन्त्रयेथा।

        वामांगमायामि तदा त्वदीयं ब्रूते वच: पंचमत्र कन्या।।


        Meaning of Fifth Phera

        Wishing for beautiful and healthy children, the couple prays for the longevity of their lives. Fulfilling the need of their kids by cumulatively taking responsibility for their growth in all aspects of life.


        Modern Interpretation

        We will have absolutely beautiful and healthy children. Since I will be the chef and your duty will be set next to the diaper rack. I promise we will light their lives with abundant love.


        saat phere Indian wedding

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        6) Let us vow to be close-knit forever and share all the responsibilities

        न मेपमानमं सविधे सखीनां द्यूतं न वा दुर्व्यसनं भंजश्चेत।

        वामांगमायामि तदा त्वदीयं ब्रवीति कन्या वचनं च षष्ठम ।।



        The couple shall share a magnificent bond of love and respectfully treat each other as equal individuals. They will offer help in need and try omitting problems that can be controlled.


        Modern Interpretation

        I will forever offer you my shoulder to cry on even when my shirt feels wet. I promise to be your partner in crime consistently and together we shall dance in the rain ridiculously.


        Indian Wedding forever bond

        Image Source: Hakim sons studio


        7) Let us vow to true friendship and everlasting companionship

        परस्त्रियं मातृसमां समीक्ष्य स्नेहं सदा चेन्मयि कान्त कुर्या।

        वामांगमायामि तदा त्वदीयं ब्रूते वच: सप्तममत्र कन्या।।



        The couple shall explore the true meaning of friendship and demonstrate everlasting companionship to avoid lonesome times.


        Modern Interpretation

        I promise to share with you all my secrets and disclose my password chain if only it excludes Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and wait… let me reconsider this idea! But we will surely gossip all night long under the stars.


        Indian wedding saat phere

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        Cheesy or Hilarius, promises made in love strengthen a couple emotionally. Therefore, you can always make room for more. Will you be personalizing your vows? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.




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