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        It's always a scary thought when someone you already know trusts you for their wedding day. It scares because you've got a lot more responsibility towards a friend than you would to someone else. I knew Neha for quite some time and Siddhant, in bits and pieces via her. They got married last month & I got a chance to document their wedding day!

        Neha lives in a city, for which my visa had expired years back. Gurgaon! Which is where exactly she was going to get ready for her wedding. After few light years of traveling, I was greeted with a familiar smile!

        Oh, and the #BrideWithTheNoseRing

        And as punctual as she is, she successfully claimed her spot in the world’s top 0.001% of the brides to get ready *before* time. And hence began the waiting game for her

        With a terrace just outside on a sunny afternoon, how could I miss the chance to create some portraits?


        While we converted Supriti Batra‘s home to our studio!

        And after surprising few other friends on how stunning she could look as a bride, we drove to the venue!

        Where Siddhant welcomed everyone while everyone else welcomed him! #SorryNolan

        How to spot who are your friends at the wedding? Easy!


        Neha & Siddhant, both being animal lovers decided against the use of any animals in their wedding. Instead, Siddhant chose to ride an open jeep with his friends, which was pretty fun as well!


        Oh Hello!

        Siddhant proving his world-class dodging skills 😛

        But nope, was caught & bold!

        Oh hello! There came the bride!

        That’s what happens when two friends get married!


        This little guy was very interested in my camera.



        And we were done with all the serious stuff and it was time to play some games! (Siddhant’s forté. Or not?)


        These pictures might serve as an evidence to coming generations on who bent the rules & where 😛

        And with that happy goodbye, this was Neha & Siddhant’s wedding day! I hope you felt the love with which they planned and made everything happen together!