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        Weddings in Delhi have always been the talk of the nation for their lavish and grand celebration. And, with big fat weddings, wastage of food and water have always been of great concern to the authorities and social welfare bodies. And, so Delhi’s Government has drafted a new policy to regulate certain aspects of weddings like number of guests, venue size and food wastage. This policy has been drafted under the guidance of the Honourable Supreme Court and is proposed to be notified by the end of this month.

        So, keen to know about the new rules to host weddings in Delhi? Well, scroll down to know!

        1) Leftover food to be distributed to the underprivileged via NGOs.

        According to the draft policy, all wedding caterers and wedding planners and organizers will have to register themselves with NGOs to manage the surplus and leftover food for distribution among the underprivileged.

        food for underprivileged

        “The caterer should make proper arrangements to handover fresh surplus and leftover food to these NGOs,” states the Draft Policy for holding social functions in hotels and Low-Density Residential Area (LDRA) in National Capital Delhi.

        “The food preparation should be according to the number of guests as per the prescribed capacity of the venue and LDRA. The number of guests cannot exceed the guest limit approved by the Urban Local Body (ULB) for that function site,” it said.

        “If the food is surplus due to the lower turnout of the guest and resultant less consumption, then it shall be the responsibility of the organizer of the social function to remove that food from the social function site, immediately after the completion of the duration of that social function,” it says.

        The Commissioner Food Safety shall ensure that the above conditions are strictly followed; any violation thereof would invite action from the deployed officers by the Commissioner Food Safety, the draft policy reads.

        ShaadiWish launched this initiative some time back with Feeding India. You can too join this movement by registering yourself here.

        2) Number of guests to be determined by the area of the venue and parking capacity.

        “The capacity of the space should be determined by multiplying the total number of car parking available by four or by means the number of persons obtained by dividing the gross floor area of the premises by occupant load factor at 1.5 sqm, whichever is less,” states the document.

        It specifies that adding the total number of days on which a social function can be organized is restricted to 120 days in authorized/approved spaces.

        3) Weddings in Delhi should meet pollution and Traffic norms.

        The policy also aims at controlling traffic congestion in front of wedding venues. After the implementation of the policy, the cars are supposed to be parked in accordance with the available parking space, resulting in no unauthorized parking on the roads. 

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        4) Wedding Venue Operators to pay heavy penalties for violations.

        Heavy penalties have been laid for operators of the venues, not the host, for violations of the above policy. Operators will have to pay Rs 5 lakh for the first offence, Rs 10 lakh for second and Rs 15 lakh for the third or any subsequent offence. The third offence will also invite cancellation of the license after a buffer period of 30 days.

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