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        Wedding Photography – Workshop & Mentoring

        You must’ve heard this famous saying:
        The best photo is the one I’m going to take tomorrow.

        Now here’s the real-life truth:
        The photo you’re going to get hired for was shot by you yesterday.

        You must’ve heard this one as well:
        All the knowledge is available for free on the internet & YouTube so why spend money on learning?

        Here’s another real-life question:
        Then why only 1% of people in any art or business actually successful?

        There must be something no-one is telling you right? No one is giving away for free and no one wants to talk about that thing?

        Because it costs experience. It costs years of wading through hit-and-trials, disappointments, failing over and over again and then understanding what works.

        According to the 10,000-hour rule:
        “It takes10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” is needed to become world-class in any field.”

        The good news is, there’s always a shortcut. The bad news is, you’re conditioned to believe there isn’t.

        In art or business, the ones that provide services will always lose to the ones that provide value. Think about that for a second. As photographers, you’re creating history with every single photo you take. What value does it hold? For you? And for the person, you’re photographing?

        How many times have you come across people who treat their wedding photography, an “investment” rather than an expense?
        There will be thousands of people wanting to take a service. And there will be very few who find true value in your craft. You don’t need those thousands. You need just those few.

        And I’ll teach you how. With over a decade of experience in making an Award Winning Photography brand from scratch, for the first time, I’m opening the doors and sharing my learnings on. And it’s divided into 2 parts:


        The Creative
        1. How to get valuable clients (and to stop sending the “quotes” to random people)
        2. How to let your brand speak your personality
        3. How to be a magnet that attracts exactly what you want & deserve
        4. In-depth portfolio review


        The Business
        1. Advanced advertising techniques
        2. How make meetings convert into hired gigs
        3. How to be present everywhere at once
        4. How to automate things & let internet bring business to you

        Few Testimonials

        “Mentorship is the real deal! I have gotten at least 50 times the value from mentorship. You’ll learn things you didn’t even know existed!”

        – Yash Sinha

        Rated: ★★★★★

        “I knew the everything about technique but wow, I never knew there would be so much to learn about business. This 1-day workshop will make you someone else”

        – Sonia Thomas

        Rated: ★★★★★

        “The attention and the knowledge given to me was out of the world. The best thing being, it’s a 1-on-1 mentorship & you get 100% effort & results”

        – Ved Prakash

        Rated: ★★★★★