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        Rima happens to be the sister of my very old friend Rajesh Pandey (very famous as Mr. ePandu on the interwebs). Interestingly, I had never met Rajesh or Rima before this shoot ever. But for some reason, Rima liked the kind of work I did & decided to have her pre-wedding shoot done by me :)

        The preparation took more time than the actual shoot here. We prepared for weeks with the location choices, perfecting the attire options, the color ordinations & a lot more things. With Rima tirelessly working on everything, it was bound to be perfect.

        Cut to the shoot day, we chose the early morning slot just to have that beautiful soft sunlight for our shoot. However, things unexpectedly got delayed with Uber cancelling on us and what not but in the end, we all made it to the location with Rima & Dipesh beaming in happiness.

        Proof below!

        After about an hour of the shoot here, I found this spot from where the location, the light, the composition, the emotion everything came together and I got this frame, one of my favourites!

        And that was Rima & Dipesh 🙂



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