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        Day 2 started early morning with the three of us getting up before everyone else so that we could make some frame-worthy pictures before the wedding madness sets in!

        And sure, we did 🙂

        And the official customs started the day for everyone, again!

        And today it was Smriti’s turn to enjoy the free head massages 😀

        The kite flying sessions were also in place.

        After all the morning happenings, it was time to get ready for the wedding!

        And then came the baarat!

        While getting a live view of everything that was happening in the baarat, Smriti was getting ready to be the stunning bride.


        Meanwhile, in the baarat:

        While Aditi tried everything to make Dhiraj step out of the car, he just won’t budge!

        But ultimately, he gave in 😀

        And then it was time for the wedding rituals!

        And with that, they were finally officially married. And while it was all happening inside the mandap, there was one more silent witness to their wedding. The full moon above!

        I’ll end everything with this rare photo of Aditi & Suraj hugging Smriti & Dhiraj, both in one single frame, which also happens to be Smriti’s favourite photograph 🙂



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