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        This story starts with Somesh getting in touch with me out of the blue for covering his engagement. I was somewhere out and the engagement was the very next day. (Kudos to Somesh for calling on the eleventh hour :P) However I said okay and we were done in less than 10 minutes. That was the first time something like this ever happened (since I’m so adamant about meeting my clients first before even begin shooting), but there was a reason why it went that way, which none of us knew that time. I’ll come back to that in a moment.

        Fast forward some months, I was there to cover Somesh and Sonam’s wedding. It was a beautiful love story and not really an “all-good-fairyland” type. They fought with the situations, convinced every single relative, travelled miles just to see each other and finally made it all possible. One of the most prominent reasons I have so much respect for love stories!

        So let’s start with the “Groom getting ready”. Yes, this one is going to be different. There won’t be the usual “Beautiful bride getting ready” moments 😛 And why not, this groom is special in every way! (hint: suited up). And here are the small little things that otherwise would’ve gone un-noticed in the wedding chaos, in Somesh’s living room.

        So the groom is ready, the car is ready. Let’s get the bride 😉

        Meanwhile Somesh’s dad was constantly reminding (read: scolding) us that we were late and probably Sonam wasn’t going to wait 😛

        We finally arrived at the venue and that’s where all the fun began!

        After a while of dancing all around, the groom’s family was greeted by the bride’s at the venue.

        Somesh gets on stage where all warm hugs of friends awaited him.

        CHEEKY BOY!

        And just when everyone was having fun all around the stage, someone came with the news that Sonam was there. YaaY!

        Did I tell you that she had the strongest bodyguards as well? Yes. Her name is Nia. And she’s the cutest kid ever.

        Sonam stepping in with all elegance while Saumya (Somesh’s sister) laughing on his bewildered look right there 😛

        Somesh holds her hand again.

        Somesh: “You’re looking beautiful”

        Sonam: “Tell me something new”

        And they exchanged the garlands

        So while the weather wasn’t looking that much, the rains thankfully held themselves for the first half of the event. But then, the rain gods gave in. Everything was washed out and even the venue we had set up for the phera ceremony was all in the water. But that didn’t deter the couple from getting married! They picked an umbrella and were all set 😀

        For some reason I love this shot. Yes, there isn’t perfect lighting since I made this one is 1 naonsecond. But the feeling is all in there. The wet ground in the background, the yellow umbrella. Somesh walking ahead and Sonam looking at him, picking up her lehenga 🙂

        I think Diksha already stole Somesh’s shoes. That was fast!

        Then begins the wedding ceremony. Though the original plan of keeping it outside was ruined (thanks to the rains), but that didn’t bring anyone’s enthusiasm down by even a bit.

        It wasn’t a very serious wedding ceremony like always. Everybody was happy, throwing jokes, teasing the couple and laughing all through!

        And after all the rituals and ceremonies, it was time to say adiós to Sonam.

        But that won’t happen without getting Groom’s shoes back. Here’s Somesh on the table, negotiating with everyone, hoping that he’ll seal a deal without burning a whole in his pocket. Nice try, Somesh 😛

        And here come some of the most emotional photographs I have ever made. The way Sonam was looking into her dad’s eyes in the above photo said a lot. And the way he hugged her like she was the world to him. She indeed was. This photograph even compelled me to write something. Here’s what I did:

        Dear Dad,  You were the first man I ever loved.

        You taught me how to be smart, And encouraged me to think from my heart.

        Many times I failed, though hard I tried. But I always saw your eyes, filled with pride.

        There are countless memories which we both share, I know you’ll be the last person who will always be there.

        Today I’m changing my whole world. But even after I’m married, I’ll still be daddy’s girl.

        Dear Dad, You’ll be the man I always love.

        So that were Somesh and Sonam. Two people who understand each other while being madly in love.

        I left you with something in the opening lines on how things worked out in minutes and I met Somesh for the first time. After our first meeting we came to know so much about each other and discovered we had the same passion of creating things that matter. That meeting was just a start of our endless conversations and fights, the latter being mostly about life, technology and of course, entrepreneurship.

        Thank You Sonam & Somesh for giving me the honour to capture your wedding moments. There are things that can’t be written in words yet. And for those, I’ll meet you on the other side!



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