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        July 22, 2019

        Best Gold Bridal Jewellery Designs For Brides

        Gold Bridal Jewellery Designs As the wedding season arrives, women go gaga deciding on the bridal jewellery designs best suited to their royal wedding ensemble. Being an Indian, it cannot be stressed enough how precious gold jewellery is to a bride or anyone in the family, for the matter. To up your glam game and [...]
        July 21, 2019

        12 Gorgeous Wedding Table Decor ideas that you MUST see Today!

        When it comes to weddings, we usually just think of an enchanting entrance and a romantic mandap… Right? But you’ve forgotten that one place where your guests spend more time eating n chit-chatting an...
        July 21, 2019

        A Super Bride Diet Chart & Nutrition Guide to look Glam.. without losing the Glow!

        Looking for crash diets and short cuts to lose weight before your wedding day? DON’T! This super bride diet chart by leading global and celeb nutritionists answers all your questions and more…! ...
        July 21, 2019

        Mehendi Decor Ideas that are Trending this Season!!

        If you are looking for awesome mehendi decor ideas for your upcoming wedding, you’ve arrived at the right spot. We’ve put together some vibrant, cool and trending decor ideas to inspire you and set yo...
        July 21, 2019

        Bridal Jewellery Trends: Different styles of Necklaces that will make you go Wow!

        Bridal Jewellery essential – The Quintessential Choker! Evergreen Picture Courtesy: Delhi Velvet A choker adds elegance to any outfit with which it is coupled. From high-collared blou...
        July 21, 2019

        #RealBrideConfessions: Little Things That Could Make A Huge Difference At Their Wedding!

        Indian weddings are all about family get-togethers with lots of naach gaana, prettiest of jewellery designs, designer outfits and delicious food. It’s the biggest day of your life and for most once in...
        July 21, 2019

        Bridesmaid Duties Checklist You Should Live By At Your BFF’s Wedding

        Bridesmaid duties are serious business and it is also a big honor to be asked to be a bridesmaid. Having a bridesmaid or a maid of honor is a given at weddings abroad. However, the concept is relative...
        July 21, 2019

        #Exclusive: Pooja Batra’s Wedding Just Went Viral And We Are Gushing Over It!

        Nawab Shah and Pooja Batra’s wedding pictures are flooding social media and everyone is in complete awe. The couple exchanged vows on July 4th in an intimate affair with very close family and friends ...
        July 21, 2019

        New and Trendy Contemporary Mehendi Outfits for 2019 Brides

        Mehendi outfits deserve all the focus and attention, as, after all, the mehndi ceremony kick starts the wedding festivities.  While a lot of brides-to-be opt for traditional lehenga or suits, the mill...
        July 21, 2019

        #NewPolicy: Weddings In Delhi Will Now Monitor Food Wastage And Guest List!

        Weddings in Delhi have always been the talk of the nation for their lavish and grand celebration. And, with big fat weddings, wastage of food and water have always been of great concern to the authori...