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        Please read the following FAQs before booking your Pre Wedding session with us.

        Q1. Are you based in Agra?
        A. No, we’re based in Delhi.
        One of our shoots at Taj Mahal got really popular & we have had a lot of interest from people wanting us to do shoots from them at Taj, assuming we’re from Agra.

        Q2. We want photo + video package at Taj Mahal
        A. Video shooting is not permitted at Taj. To get video shoots done, you’ll have to take permissions from Govt. of India (ASI authority), which is a long process & unfortunately, we won’t be able to help you with that.

        Q3. We only want few photos & few videos. Can the price be decreased?
        A. Unfortunately, No. You book a session with us. We’re charging you for the time & talent of the team, not per photo.

        Q4. How will you deliver the photos?
        A. All edited photos are delivered in an online private gallery, 7-10 days after the shoot day.

        Q5. What is the booking procedure?
        A. You need to book your date at least 1 week in advance. If we’re available, we’ll send you a confirmation and invoice. Your date, time & the photographer shall be booked on payment of the invoice.



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