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        A wedding invitation is what generally helps you announce your special day to your guests. Prepping for a wedding requires proper planning and execution of tasks. And, so is sending out wedding invites as it gives your guests all the crucial information about how you have your big day planned.

        And while designing and sending out invitations, a few questions come to mind such as, what to include in the invitation, how to say it, and when to send them. Understanding wedding invitation etiquette can save you from unnecessary stress. Know the basic rules and guidelines to follow that will make sending out invites simpler and hassle-free.

         We’ve got all the information you need on wedding invitation etiquette here!

        When to send out Save The Dates?

        wedding invitation etiquette

        Sending ‘Save The Dates’ is a relatively new concept. There is a lack of formal etiquette on it which makes it quite refreshing. It is optional to send out save the dates, but it proves quite handy to give your guests an advance notice to your big day. If you are sending them out, keep in mind to give a six month or more notice toy our guests and if it is a destination wedding, a year notice is beneficial. Save the dates can be in any form, from email to cute flyer cards to any form of creative means you wish. Before sending out the save dates to your guests, be absolutely sure of your wedding guest list, so you know you are sending it out to only those who you are inviting to your wedding.

        When to send the wedding invites?

        wedding invitation etiquette

        Wedding invitations are usually sent out six to eight weeks before the big day, for local guests. If you have guests traveling from different cities or parts of the world, send them out three months in advance, for them to make their travel arrangements. By sending invites this early, your guests get ample time to clear and plan their schedule accordingly.

        How to address wedding invites?

        A simple rule is that you should address people by the names they actually use. If you want them to be formal then, men get addressed as Mr. and married women as Mrs. Unmarried women are addressed as Ms. If there are children under the age twelve then Master or Miss. Doctors are addressed as Dr. So before diving into traditional and proper honorific, be sure on how to use them properly.

        What information should be included in the invitation?

        wedding invitation etiquette

        While preparing the invitation, you need to remember the four basic information to communicate- who, what, where and when. While it might be nice to have your wedding invitation card to be visually creative and appealing, make sure you don’t get creative with communicating the information because you would want people to understand the details in a simple manner.

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        Should wedding website be included in the invitation?

        Your wedding website information should be ideally put in the save the dates that you send out. It will be helpful to give guests a better look and feel into your wedding. When you are sending your wedding invitation, you can again send in your wedding website information. Make sure you don’t print in on the actual invitation but instead, on one of the accompanying pieces of paper.

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        wedding invitation etiquette

        Besides the basic who, where and when, there can be a lot of flexibility with what you choose to include or remove altogether from your wedding invitation. This is entirely your call on how much more or less you want to communicate. Remember your wedding invitation is setting the tone for your big day along with getting the guests excited about your wedding. So, remember to be communicative and creative while designing your wedding invitations. Don’t leave out any important information. Keep these wedding invitation etiquette in mind before sending out the invites.

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