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        YouTube Fanfest is the biggest Live event that happens around the world. Every year, the top creators of the country get to interact with their fans and perform on this massive stage. The performances are streamed live to millions of people on YouTube. Like I said, it happens every year. But this year, it was special. Because my sister VoiceOfRitu was going to perform in it.

        And as with any creative project, the thing about a stage is, for ever 1 minute of performance, you need at least 100 hours of preparation, planning & practice. And I’m not even exaggerating on the numbers. We had a 6 minute time on stage and we tried to give it our everything. In the process, I documented our journey throughout the preparation process.

        Things started with the rehearsal at the JLN stadium, New Delhi which was about the first day of YouTube Fanfesst 2018, Delhi

        This photo sums up almost everything. The background visual which started as a dream almost 1.5 years ago where we shot a video on our terrace and it suddenly broke the internet, Divyaraj being the confident drummer for our performance, Ritu gearing up for the show night, the stage team as usual having little or no clue what to do and me, always running around trying to hold everything together 😀

        With Prakhar as the additional instructor, we rehearsed everything from the mic positions to correct vocal angles just to make the best show possible!

        And as the day ended, it was time for the actual showcase day! It started with a little meet-and-greet with fans and who else can be your biggest fans than your parents?


        The band that made it all possible!

        Delhi was done and dusted and Mumbai awaited us with a lot more people and a HUGE stage.


        Working behind the scenes all the time, Sushant & Khushi from Qyuki

        And we did meet all the YouTube stars backstage 😀


        And it was SHOWTIME again. But this time, with over 10 thousand people on the ground! Mumbai was huge!

        And that was one hell of a night! And here’s the live stream of the performance:

        [yotuwp type=”videos” id=”YTRIWyOp8r4″ ]