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        Wedding Dates For Marriage in 2020-2021


        First of all, Congratulations as you are going to tie the knot!!! Selecting a Shubh wedding date is very important in Hindu weddings. Traditionally we believe and relies on our “family Pandit” to decide an auspicious wedding date. Here we are sharing the Hindu wedding dates along with shubh muhurat for 2020 and 2021 weddings.


        Importance of Wedding Date in Hindu Weddings


        Let us understand why the wedding date is so important. 

        As per Hindu mythology, doing something during favorable planetary positions (nakshatra) can have a  positive impact on the outcome i.e. good stars can improve the quality of your married life and reduce the frequency of the nok-jhok with your spouse. 

        Weddings are more fun when you celebrate with your family, favorite cousins and your school time best friend, college BFF or coffee buddy from office. Choosing a weekend or around the weekend date can make it easier for your guest to attend the wedding 

        Choosing a not-so-busy sava date can save you money on your wedding. Yes, there are always dates during the year when everything will be super expensive and a lot of your favorite wedding vendors unavailable.

        Ideally, you should choose a wedding date at least 6 months in advance and in case of destination wedding 12 months in advance. 

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        Hindu Wedding Dates January 2020

        With the perfect weather and temperature, January classes to be an apt month for weddings. With the soothing cold breezes and natural light, the following are the muhurat dates for this month :


        Weekdays: 15th (Wednesday), 16th (Thursday), 17th (Friday), 20th (Monday), 29th (Wednesday), 30th (Thursday), 31st (Friday)
        Weekends: 18th (Saturday)


        January 2020 Wedding Dates


        Wedding dates February 2020

        Famous among all the Millenials, February is a love month in which all the couples celebrate their love along with Valentine’s day. Why not choose a date from this month, and exchange vows on an auspicious day.


        Weekdays: 3rd (Monday), 10th (Monday), 12th (Wednesday), 25th (Tuesday), 26th (Wednesday), 27th (Thursday)
        Weekends: 9th (Sunday), 16th February (Sunday)



        Wedding Dates February 2020


        Shubh Wedding Dates March 2020

        March is a month which is associated with the arrival of the Holi festival. Selecting the sava dates from this month to celebrating the haldi or mehndi ceremony on the day of holi can add up to the fun dedicated to the services.


        Weekdays: 2nd (Monday), 4th (Wednesday), 11th (Wednesday), 12th (Thursday)
        Weekends: 08th (Sunday)


        March 2020 wedding dates


        Marriage Dates April 2020

        The arrival of spiral symbolises the arrival of the summer season. Celebrate your love with pretty pastels and bright colours! Beautiful colour combinations lighting up the whole place, nothing can be better than this. Select the wedding muhurat dates from this month soon, as there aren’t many.


        Weekdays: 15th (Wednesday)
        Weekends: 26th (Sunday)


        Wedding dates April 2020



        Wedding Dates May 2020

        Synonymous to summers, May month can at least assure you that it won’t rain. Book your vendor and dates in this month to celebrate your love on the hot days and sava dates.


        Weekdays: 5th (Tuesday), 19th (Tuesday)
        Weekends: 23rd (Saturday)


        Wedding dates in May 2020


        Sava Dates June 2020

        Last month that marks the end to the vacations, but a start to the monsoons. June month is perfect for the wedding as the weather is cold with the breezes and little showers. Moreover, the vendor rates tend to be a little less as its a non-wedding season! Here are the marriage dates from the month of June.


        Weekdays: 9th (Tuesday),15th (Monday),25th (Thursday), 26th (Friday)
        Weekends: 13th (Saturday), 14th (Sunday), 28th (Sunday)


        Wedding Dates June 2020


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        Marriage Dates November 2020

        Although this month is said to be the peak month for marriages, November month has only two auspicious dates for getting married! Take a plunge and start planning your wedding and select muhurat dates from this month, before all of it gets booked :


        Weekdays: 25th (Wednesday), 30th (Monday)


        Wedding dates November 2020


        Auspicious Wedding Dates December 2020

        Marking the ending of the year, it can score for a new beginning as well, i.e., the union of you two! This is another month that celebrates the wedding shehnai in a huge number is December! These are Hindu wedding dates from this wintery month.


        Weekdays: 1st (Tuesday), 7th (Monday), 8th (Tuesday), 9th (Wednesday), 11th (Friday)


        Wedding dates December 2020


        Wedding Dates January 2021


        Wedding dates January 2021

        Sava Dates February 2021 


        wedding dates February 2021

        Hindu Wedding Dates March 2021 


        Wedding dates march 2021


        Auspicious Wedding Dates April 2021 


        Wedding Dates April 2021

        Looking for a wedding date that suits you? 

        Get free wedding muhurat date suggestion. Whatsapp us the following details to get muhurat dates from our favourite pandit ji! 

        Name of the bride and groom:  

        Place of birth: 

        Date and time of birth: 

        Preferred months: for example – November 2020 to February 2021

        We usually get back in less than 24 hours. However, it may take a little longer over long weekends and holidays.


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