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        Bridesmaid duties are serious business and it is also a big honor to be asked to be a bridesmaid. Having a bridesmaid or a maid of honor is a given at weddings abroad. However, the concept is relatively new to Indian weddings. You and your BFF bride- to -behave slept together, traveled together and played together. Since cradle, you both have been inseparable like Juno’s swans. Thus, dear bridesmaid, you have to make sure that your BFF is all set for her wedding day and you have taken control of everything right from the day your bestie is hitched. 

        In case you are still wondering what are bridesmaid duties, find out here: 

        1. You are not just a bridesmaid but a therapist, personal shopper, secretary, and straight-up back-haver.

        bridesmaid duties

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        2. You are on lipstick patrol for the bride ALL NIGHT!

        bridesmaid duties,bridesmaid outfits

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        3. If a chatty uncle is talking the bride’s ear off, step in and take one for the team.

        bridesmaid duties

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        4. If you are in the washroom at the reception, check the stalls before you say anything to anyone.

        bridesmaid duties

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        5. At no point should be the bridesmaid drunker than the bride.

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        6. Bridesmaid problems do not exist on the wedding day, no whining at all.

        bridesmaid duties

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        7. Always have a car/driver whenever you are with her.

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        8- Keep her cell with you always and make sure you reply to all emergency texts!

        bridesmaid duties,bridesmaid photoshoot

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        9. Help her pee

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        10. Bridesmaid should be present during all the pre-wedding shopping.

        bridesmaid duties,bridesmaid photoshoot

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        Always be a mirror to your BFF. We know that sometimes bridesmaid duties are stressful and need hard work but all of it is worth it once the favor is returned 😉

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