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        Sticking to your wedding outfit budget is not easy, because the sky’s the limit when you have to buy your dream bridal lehenga! And hold on, your bridal shopping also includes a whole lot of other outfits for the pre-wedding ceremonies. 

        No matter which store you go to, it’s hard to maintain your wedding budget as you won’t find any bridal lehenga for less than INR 25,000. And, that’s probably the lowest figure you’ll come across! Bridal lehengas easily run into lakhs and honestly that is a huge sum of money for an outfit. But well, it all depends on you and how much are you willing to spend on your wedding lehenga. 

        Whether you have a tight wedding budget or you simply oppose the idea of spending too much money on an outfit that you are most likely to wear once in your lifetime, we totally feel you!  

        Thanks to new-age designers, DIY ideas and renting closets, it’s possible to save on your wedding lehenga without exceeding your wedding budget. So, it is time to think beyond Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra lehengas, as we share some of the insider and secret ways for you to save big on bridal lehenga shopping. 

        These bridal lehenga hacks will help you look no less than a diva on your wedding, without exceeding your wedding outfit budget.

        1. Try New And Upcoming Designers

        The ace and well-known designers like Sabyasachi, Anita Dongre and Manish Malhotra are a league of their own and their outfits usually cost you a bomb. Call it their brand value which forces you to spend much more than they actually cost. Whereas new designers will have some fresh designs to share with decent prices to attract brides-to-be.

        Bridal lehenga

        Image Source: Jayanti reddy

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        2. Rent Your Wedding Lehenga

        Well, let’s be honest that you will be wearing your bridal lehenga only on your D-Day and then probably you will be hanging it in your wardrobe FOREVER! Doesn’t sound like a worthwhile investment right? Well, how about renting it because hey, its way too cheap and totally a wise decision. Nowadays, there are a lot of wedding outfit rental stores like Flyrobe, Stage 3 and Rent A Closet, which has a wide variety of designer bridal outfits that can be rented on a decent amount. 

        sabyasachi lehenga on rent

        Image Source: Rolling Canvas

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        3. Heavily Embellished Vs Light Work Lehenga

        Lesser the embroidery, lesser will be the cost, makes sense right? If you’re looking at a heavily embellished outfit with intricate work on the blouse, dupatta and the skirt, it will increase the cost of your bridal lehenga. A lighter lehenga, on the other hand, will turn out to be cheaper. Depending on your wedding budget, you can opt for simple customizations that may help reduce the cost.

        Light Work Lehenga

        Image Source: Mehar photography

        4. Reusing Outfits From Your Mother’s Wardrobe

        Remember Isha Ambani, reusing her mother Neeta Ambani saree on her D-day? Well, you can do something similar. It will not only be a moment of nostalgia for you but will also help you save money.

        Wedding Outfit Budget

        Image Source: bright photographers

        5. DIY Your Bridal Lehenga

        Unleash the creative spree in you as you design your own wedding lehenga. You can probably get your blouse stitched in trending cuts and designs and then mix and match it with a simple skirt or a lehenga. Don’t forget to style it up with double dupatta! You can even design your own lehenga by buying some trendy gota work or borders from the market and DIY!

        wedding lehenga

        Image Source: doorgesh

        6. Shop Off-Season

        Just like shopping daily wear off-season costs you less, buying wedding dresses off-season can help you save big. If you are getting married in winters, shopping for velvet and silk lehengas in summers will be much cheaper as the demand for winter fabrics will be less and vice versa.

        Wedding Outfit Budget

        7. Go For A Contrasting Bridal Look

        If you are going to be that minimalistic bride who is going to wear a light bridal lehenga, go for heavy bridal jewellery to balance your overall bridal look. You can save a lot by wearing a simple lehenga and jazzing up with the perfect bridal jewellery! P.S nowadays, brides are opting for artificial bridal jewellery and therefore, you need not worry about exceeding your other wedding budgets.

        light bridal lehenga

        Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography



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