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        Puneet & Rahul - The Engagement

        Puneet & I have known each other for years, yet had never met. How? Because back then, internet used to be a nice place and a lot of us made friends! And when she contacted me enquiring the possibility of photographing her wedding, I was excited not only for it was Puneet's wedding but it was going to be a North + South combination like I had never seen before. More on that later. For now, here were how things started with the Punjabiisssss!!

        A colourful outdoor setting for her mehendi just to compliment the vibe that was in the air!

        And there she came, all camera shy 😀

        For someone who said she never looked good in photos, the blatant lie was caught!

        And of course, when there’s a South Indian family to be welcomed, everyone ought to put the gajras!

        And there he was. Rahul, whom you’ll get to know a lot about in a bit.

        With traditional punjabi music on the centre stage, everyone gathered around to enjoy the performance!


        And when there’s a party in the house, everyone dances. No exceptions!


        Familiar faces and friends assuring the fact that the world indeed is a small place!

        Puneet’s whole idea of the party is to dance till you drop. And nobody seemed to be complaining 😀

        As the night approached, it was time to get ready for the formal engagement ceremony. With someone like Puneet in front of the camera, I just didn’t need any fancy tricks to get a great picture.

        A picture with your best friend? Check!

        And it was time to party again!

        With all your loved ones around you (and a little terrified Puneet), there couldn’t have been a better ending to the day!

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