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        Sneha & Aniket - Mehendi & Engagement

        Sneha : I'm a huge Govinda fan. "What is mobile number" from Haseena Maan jayegi is my all time favorite :D

        We both like to dance to the new "Twist" song from Bareily ki Barfi!

        When you meet Sneha, you realize that all why all filmy characters are inspired by real people. And meeting Aniket just adds a method to that madness. They decided to get married at the majestic Chomu Palace of Jaipur and it was one destination wedding to remember! The journey started with her Mehendi ceremony on a calm afternoon at the palace

        The palace was beautifully decorated with the shades of red, orange and yellow!

        And there was Swapnil, the second most excited person at the wedding after Sneha!

        Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too 😉

        And that was how Sneha’s Mehendi ceremony was. Next day was the arrival of Aniket’s family. Aniket and his family were Marathi, originally from Nagpur but they’ve been living in Indore for the past 30 years or so. It was going to be a cross-cultural wedding with a mix of both sides’ traditions and customs. But of course, when you’re in Rajasthan, you’re welcomed like Rajasthan!

        And look at those faces!

        Settling in after the welcome, for the big evening ahead, we had a look around the venue as well!

        But before the evening, there was Bariksha event for both of them and the venue couldn’t have looked more gorgeous!


        Meanwhile Sneha was getting ready to join Aniket!


        And there came the familiar smiles!


        But we stole them away from some quick portraits at the Sheesh-Mahal

        And she was also being introduced to the Marathi traditions!

        Before they were down for the evening, the sun was just about to set and the light was perfect. We again stole them to create those timeless portraits of both!

        Frames + Emotions = Magic!

        With the sun setting down the horizon, the party was just about to get started!

        And then they made that blockbuster entry!

        With a special performance from both moms & dads 🙂




        And it was time! No prizes for guessing who was the most excited..

        We could totally see that happening 😛

        And while everyone thought it was over, it was not!

        With a surprize from all their family members who emoted their whole story so far with songs and dances!

        And it was time for both of them to hit the stage!


        And of course, what all friends were waiting for!


        And while our feets were literally paining form all the running around, we didn’t want to let go of the opportunity to create some epic portraits again for both of them!

        And some family portraits too, with our signature touch 🙂

        Whew! That was one crazy day. However, the next morning was her Haldi ceremony which was not going to be anything less!

        With such gorgeous decor!

        Bucket seats!



        I have no idea what’s going on here


        Hello Dulhania!


        Meanwhile Aniket was not being spared at the other side!

        And that was the end of the very eventful 2 days. We were super excited what the wedding day was going to bring. And everyone got some well-deserved rest for the night


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