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        Category: Pre-Wedding

        October 18, 2016

        Ladakh Diaries – Vidit & Aparna

        Kashmir. The name is itself sufficient to give you that (not) warm-fuzzy feeling of just packing your bag and go. So when Vidit & Aparna, two globe trotters themselves tossed me this idea of havin...
        December 23, 2015

        With Love From Taj

        Kabir: Guys guys! Here’s something. It’s the part of my plan today. We: *slightly screaming* Whooooaaaa!!! That’s Niccceee…. Him: Shhhhhh! Shhh! Shhhhhhh!!! She’s listening. She’ll come to know....
        October 16, 2015

        Anushka & Nikhil – Pre Wedding

        My memory of Anushka has always been a cheerful girl who’s always seen with a contagious smile and knew how to make others happy around her. Having known her from quite sometime, I was pretty much sur...
        February 14, 2015

        Gaurav & Shilpi – A Dehradun Lifestyle Shoot

        Lifestyle and couple shoots are my all time favourites for one, they give me full creative freedom as a photographer and two, there are no super-tensed environments like a wedding. And no wonder, the ...
        December 21, 2014

        Sarika & Krishan – Pre Wedding

        Owing to the nature of my profession, I have met so many cool people that I have lost the count long back. However, every now and then,  that count keeps increasing. Sarika & Krishan were two peop...
        November 14, 2014

        Apoorv & Gauri – Pre Wedding

        The chilly winters of Delhi with hints of morning rains bringing the mercury down even further is not really the best reason to crawl out from your blanket and go shoot in an outside location. But whe...
        October 25, 2014

        Love Literally

        Saumya & Arpan both work in Cambridge and Oxford respectively. Some office co-incidences made them somehow fall in love and I was called to put their love in photos. And then began the hunt for th...
        July 8, 2014

        Sharen – Shammi Pre Wedding

        A super early shoot which started at 6 am in the morning, all for the sake of light and which stretched till late afternoon all for the sake of the shadows. With lots of emotions in between, this was ...
        October 24, 2013

        Kartik – Preetika Pre Wedding Lifestyle Shoot

        Hello! How’s everyone today? I’m back with you another amazing set of pictures shot in New Delhi, India that we did last week. This was one heck of a shoot.  We planned for months about everything and...
        February 24, 2013

        Manas & Parul – Pre Weddding

        Here I’ll take you to the world of Manas and Parul. Two bindaas people from Delhi, who have been in love since past Seven years. This post is the first in the series of their awesome story and wedding...