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        What comes to your mind when you hear this name? A city built along the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is one of India’s most beautiful cities filled with history, tradition, and palaces. A perfect destination for Indian Weddings as well.

        Jasmin & Mayank got in touch with me earlier this year for their wedding. Going around deciding on the venues between New Delhi and Jaisalmer, I found myself at Suryagarh Palace some months later to shoot their magnificent wedding story. Let me take you for a ride!

        Jaisalmer welcomed with all its warmth after a 14 hour train journey from New Delhi. Apart from the city, the families of Jasmin and Mayank welcomed people with the same warmth. And soon it was time for a little ceremony that involved Mayank.


        Under the afternoon sun, there were all happy faces

        With smirk & sprinkles of playful games, this was a very very fun ceremony

        Meanwhile, the stage was being set up for the evening event.

        And the weather gods seemed to play some hide and seek


        And the weather gods seemed to play some hide and seek

        Everyone was ready for the haldi ceremony

        With Jasmin’s dad setting up rules that everyone has to participate in singing songs and applying haldi!

        Meanwhile, cuteness overload happened 🙂

        Just so that no-one can get away with “I don’t remember any songs” 😛


        With setting sun marking the end of the haldi, it was time to get ready for the evening sangeet!

        If photographs could capture motion, this would’ve had Jasmin’s dad dancing 😀

        “Future Mrs. Bhandari”


        While Mayank was getting ready in adjacent room as well!

        All check!

        Walking along, I loved the look on their faces!

        Let the dances begin!

        And impromptu performance by Jasmin’s brother with his wife and daughter was absolutely amazing!

        Mayank and Jasmin were done sitting and watching 😛

        And now it was friends’ perfomance time!

        The palace shined in the background!

        While telling how badly they fought all their lives, Jamin’s brother couldn’t really fight his tears. That’s how all brother-sister relationships are, right? 🙂

        And finally it was time for Jasmin’s dance!

        And then everyone joined!

        And that was the super fun-filled Day 1 of Jasmin & Mayank’s wedding. Day 2 is going to be filled with more awesomeness. Stay tuned! 🙂


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