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        Category: Wedding

        December 21, 2017

        Sneha & Aniket – The Wedding

        And we started with meeting Aniket who just got ready for the big day! But nothing gets completed before mom gives those finishing touches right? And so was Sneha! ...
        December 21, 2017

        Sneha & Aniket: Mehendi & Engagement

        When you meet Sneha, you realize that all why all filmy characters are inspired by real people. And meeting Aniket just adds a method to that madness. They decided to get married at the majestic Chomu...
        December 9, 2017

        Neha & Siddhant – The Wedding

        Neha lives in a city, for which my visa had expired years back. Gurgaon! Which is where exactly she was going to get ready for her wedding. After few light years of traveling, I was greeted with a fam...
        June 20, 2016

        Niti & Kabir – The Sangeet

        After the mesmerizing shoot at Taj Mahal, we were supposed to meet Niti & Kabir again in Chandigarh & Ludhiana for their sangeet & wedding. A 4-hour journey from Delhi to Chandigarh was al...
        June 20, 2016

        Niti & Kabir – The Wedding

        As the sangeet night came to an end, we packed our bags and it was time for another journey to their wedding. It started early morning with Niti getting ready!   ...
        March 15, 2015

        Tricia & Hemant – The Wedding

        One fine day, a very well written email hit my inbox and a bride to be enquired about the possibility of me shooting her very special and intimate 2-hour rooftop wedding at the Leela Palace, New Delhi...
        September 26, 2014

        Jasmin & Mayank – A Jaisalmer Destination Wedding Day 1

        Jaisalmer. What comes to your mind when you hear this name? A city built along the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is one of India’s most beautiful cities filled with history, tradition, and palaces. A perf...
        September 26, 2014

        Jasmin & Mayank – A Jaisalmer Destination Wedding: Day 2

        Welcome to the second day of Jasmin & Mayank’s destination wedding in Jaisalmer. We got over with the fun filled Day 1 and the next day came sooner than I expected. An early morning call woke me u...
        January 28, 2014

        Kartik & Preetika: The Wedding

        Someone got too careless with their keys ^_^ And that marked the end of the morning ceremony. The wedding time was getting closer and everyone went t...
        May 31, 2014

        Aradhana & Divraj – The Wedding

        Everything had amazing details in their wedding. The setup you see below was made of bamboo sticks. Now, the length of the bamboo sticks wasn’t picked abruptly. It was a multiple of the length...