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        Traditions play a very important role in Indian Weddings. Rituals and customs fill those colors in the ceremonies for which Indian weddings are known for. When that is combined with family bonds, you don’t even feel like an outsider shooting those weddings. One such wedding was Prakhar & Anchals. The wedding took place in New Delhi and was as rich in experience as in colors, as you’d see in the photographs below! Starting with the “Bhaat” ceremony in the afternoon

        Prakhar’s late Dadi has been the building block and the strongest pillar of the whole family. Everyone made sure she was always a part of everything 🙂

        Both families welcomed each other with lots of smiles, hugs and showers of rose petals

        As the evening arrived, it was time for the Sangeet event

        Everyone wanted to spend some quality time with the beautiful bride-to-be!


        Next day started with the haldi ceremony of Prakhar


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