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        Category: Wedding Highlights

        May 6, 2020

        Archit & Rashi Wedding – Highlights

        Archit & Rashi with their grand New Delhi wedding!
        February 26, 2018

        Leh Ladakh Pre-Wedding Highlights

        Pre-wedding shoot highlights from our epic trip to Leh-Ladakh with Vidit & Aparna. A pre-wedding shoot that was planned and executed around 6 days and multiple location in Leh, was an epic saga of...
        February 8, 2018

        The NYC – Delhi Connection

        Sarika & Krishan are my favourite people for so many reasons. Krishan's warm smile can brighten up any gloomy day and Sarika's outlook towards life sets her apart. And when they come together, the...
        February 8, 2018

        Delhi Pre-Wedding & Lifestyle Shoot

        Kartik & Preetika's Pre-Wedding shoot involved a lot of planning to make sure it wasn't just another pre-wedding shoot. We made sure the pictures spoke who they truly were, their tastes and style,...
        February 8, 2018

        The Kanpur Wedding Highlights

        Sneha & Dhruva's Kanpur wedding will always be one of our favourites. Their wedding had something which is hard to define in words. And that's why we made all these pictures!
        January 25, 2018

        Neha & Siddhant – Wedding Highlights

        From Neha & Siddhant's heartwarming wedding, some of our favourite moments!
        January 25, 2018

        The Rooftop Wedding – Highlights

        Tricia & Hemant's serene rooftop wedding where they were surrounded by people they love! Simplicity & elegancy are the two words that can perfectly describe their day!
        January 25, 2018

        Pre Wedding At Taj Mahal – Highlights

        From our beautiful Pre-Wedding session of Niti & Kabir at Taj Mahal, here are some highlight moments. With a secret proposal from Kabir, this is how genuine emotions can be combined with timeless ...