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        Someone got too careless with their keys ^_^

        And that marked the end of the morning ceremony. The wedding time was getting closer and everyone went to get ready for it.

        And then came Kartik, the groom 😀


        Scene 29, Take 42:

        Friends from below: “Arrey O Chumma… Meri Janeman.. Bahar Nikal….”

        While Preetika made the final touches


        Make the way for Preetika 😉

        Madhav was literally showing Preetika the way

        And the happiest moments 🙂


        And after the fun jai-mala, began the wedding. The venue had one of the most beautiful decors and lighting. Preetika had been planning every minute detail of the wedding from the color of her lehenga to the flowers in the jai-mala and the vedi venue wasn’t left from that touch of elegance.



        These tiny moments that happen in nano-seconds are all what I’m always there for 🙂

        The mad-crazy-happy family of friends!

        And that was the wedding of Kartik & Preetika. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to tell their story & freeze their emotions emotions through my photographs. Their wedding was a perfect example of how planning takes place, how everything can be made beautiful by paying attention to tiny details, how you can trust one person for your wedding instead of having an army of stage photographers and how to actually have fun at your own wedding. And it all just shows in the photographs.

        All this started with a mere stroke of luck between me & Kartik and like I always say, it’s all destiny. Kartik & Preetika, lots of love. Stay awesome like always!


        Taj Mahal – Pre Wedding Engagement Shoot


        Rima & Dipesh – Pre Wedding


        Valishti & Lomas – New Delhi Pre Wedding


        Archit & Rashi – The Wedding


        Archit & Rashi – The Engagement


        Divas & Sukhleen – The Wedding


        Divas & Sukhleen – The Engagement


        Puneet & Rahul – The Wedding