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        Coming from the Pre-Wedding in Ladakh and Engagement of Vidit and Aparna, the next few days were no less than a roller coaster. Starting from the cocktail, let me take you through with the photographs!

        A carefully crafted setup of lights and sound welcomed everyone to the venue

        While Aparna was getting ready along side to stun!



        How about making an entry?

        And the slideshow on the big screen of their pre-wedding shoot rightfully left everyone stunned and whistling!

        And while everyone got busy in dancing, it was time to steal them for some quick styled portraits!

        And that was the end of the cocktail night. Next day the morning began with Aparna’s haldi and chooda ceremony

        As the night approached, the majestic venue was set up for their wedding!

        With Baarat, everyone from the groom’s side beamed happiness!

        And of course, chaos!

        Meanwhile Aparna just couldn’t have had looked more gorgeous!


        And she arrived in style too!



        With friends and family around and rose petals all over them, they exchanged the Jaimala

        With such beautiful decor around, we stole them again for some quick portraits!



        Mylo, all dressed up and witnessing everything as well 🙂



        And that was Vidit & Aparna’s majestic wedding. I can’t thank them enough for letting us capture their special day and here’s wishing them all the luck and success for the coming life and road trips!


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